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I offer mixing, mastering, duplication, and design services, as well as combo packages ranging from the small-scale all the way up to full-scale "Turnkey Label" packages. Click on a link at left for pricing for specific services.




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Other Services


I can also add a barcode to any album/single/EP/etc. for $45 per disc (or tape, or record) order, which includes a unique barcode specific to that release (also includes registering release with SoundScan—crucial to tracking your album sales). This price is also applicable to any of the packages, including the Turnkey Label packages.


Tracking services are offered at a flat rate of $70 per hour (minimum = one hour), including audio engineer services.


I also offer freelance audio engineering services at any another metro Atlanta studio, at a rate of $25 per hour, with a four-hour minimum (per day); the other studio's fee must be negotiated and paid separately. Studios outside of metro Atlanta will also incur a travel fee.


Evaluation of material is provided free of charge...just ask!


All services, offers, options, specifics, and prices subject to change at any time.