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About Suppressed Studios


Located in Marietta GA, Suppressed Studios is a compact and efficient space designed specifically for audio mixing and mastering; limited tracking capabilities also round out this very comfortable facility. I have Pro Tools and Cubase running on a substantial Mac Pro, with plenty of plug-ins and outboard, I'm a mixing and mastering engineer who will focus on exactly the end result you desire, but can still offer sound and sage advice on any aspect of your project. It's the ear that matters most in mixing and mastering, and I have a pair that rivals the finest audio professionals in the land.

Stephen Carrington in the control room at Doppler Studios

I'm Stephen Carrington, and I've been involved in music and recording for decades; I've been teaching guitar for years, as well as operating Suppressed Studios since the mid-90's, and I also completed an internship at Doppler Studios in Atlanta in 2013 and then started working there part time (that's me in Studio E at Doppler, to the left).

At Doppler, in addition to engineering whenever I can, I do scheduling and some other odd jobs; at Suppressed Studios, I am the principle engineer, as well as the assistant engineer. I also maintain the website, and I'll be the one you'll deal with from start to finish. In fact, I'm the only one here...the guy answering your emails is the same person engineering every step of your project, and I take pride in being able to give every client the specialized attention that their project requires.


I want Suppressed Studios to function as a sort of "surrogate label" for those that are not associated with a record label, and also to help augment services offered to artists by any existing label. I can do as little or as much as needed for any given project--from mixing and mastering, to design services, to full-scale duplication, or almost any combination of those services, I'm sure you'll find Suppressed Studios to be an indispensable ally in your musical endeavors.


And I'm easy to work with, too!